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Knackeriet is a coworking space in historical settings in the Old Town of Stockholm

Knackeriet is a coworking space in Stockholm for web, design & business. We are creating a community of interesting startups, entrepreneurs and talented individuals. Together we share around 600 m2 in a historical building close to the Main Square in the Old Town. Take your meetings or read a book in the Bellman Room - in the years 1774-1795 this was the office of the poet Bellman. The building connects to the beautiful courtyard Cepheusgården - the largest, greenest and most secret garden in the Old Town.

As a Knackeriet member you can choose between flexible seating, fixed desk, or to get your own room/s. Membership rates start at 3900 sek+vat/month/person. If you are a struggling entrepreneur we can offer some discounts. Membership includes access to Knackeriet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

If you want to know more about Knackeriet, use the contact form, below, to get in touch. Don't forget to tell us a bit about yourself!

Latest news

  1. 1 week, 3 days ago

    Knackeriet has a new floor, with views over the Old Town roofs. In the picture is the kitchen, which we call "Stockholm". And behind it is the meeting room, which we call "Denmark".

  2. 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Did you know that our Bellman Room here at Knackeriet was the office of the Swedish poet/songwriter Carl Michael Bellman between 1776-1795? Today we use it as a meeting room, but it is also a great room for release parties and champagne mingling. You can also use it to take a break and read some of Bellmans poetry, or read other old books of ours, from the same era.

  3. 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Knackeriet-gänget Dogbuddy (Richard, Samira och Linnea) har stängt en ny finansieringsrunda. Skoj!

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