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the swedish social grind

In Sweden, connecting with people can sometimes feel like being marooned on a deserted island. We tend to stick to our own little circles of family, close friends, and co-workers, without much crossover.


It's not easy to make new friends and connections in Sweden... And if you're missing even one of these isolated islands, you can end up feeling pretty lonely.


For urban freelancers, this can be especially difficult, as they often lack the office camaraderie that comes with a traditional workplace.

And let's face it, even if you do have family and co-workers, having a robust and meaningful social life in Sweden, is quite the challenge. Everyone's constantly on the go, and with so many demands on our time, it can be tough to carve out space for real connection. 

community beyond hipster collectives

When we think of the word "community," our minds might conjure up images of young hipsters living in rural communes, tight-knit groups of parents, or perhaps an artsy group of students. But in reality, a community can be any mix of individuals of any age who just share common ideas or interests.

We tend to associate communities with Bohemian lifestyles - free-spirited and unstructured. But here's the thing: communities can take any form, structured or unstructured, centred around alternative lifestyles or the most "normal" way of living. And although young people often come to mind when we think of communities, we need to realize that community is just as crucial for us as professional and seasoned adults. 

The fundamental - and not very outrageous - idea of community, simply lies in piling people together who might not otherwise have connected. 

the idea of an urban community

In bustling metropolises like Stockholm, it's unusual for ambitious professionals to have urban communities that centre around interests like entrepreneurship, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, or simply having fun. Due to the absence of these communities, the concept itself seems generally unimportant and out of reach.

However, in the midst of hectic city life, it's easy to feel isolated and unsupported. This is where a community comes in - it provides an invisible safety net, a stable social foundation, and a sense of belonging. Essentially the things we need for our overall well-being and happiness.

Unlike a friend group, where the responsibility of maintaining relationships falls heavily on individuals, a community is self-sufficient, almost like a person in its own right. A good community is characterized by a constant buzz of activity and social interaction, with people always available to hang out and engage in different events and activities; no planning needed! You can be as involved or as uninvolved as you want, with the reassurance that there's always something going on. 


Think of a community as a superhuman friend who's always there for you, always eager to see you and to participate in activities, yet never upset or demanding when plans fall through. It's a dynamic that provides the kind of support and social interaction most of us crave but lack, without the expectations and scheduling conundrum that often comes with maintaining personal relationships.

community beyond the man bun

When someone says "community," we might picture hipsters living in the countryside, tight-knit parent groups, or maybe an arty student collective.


But really, a community can be any mix of people who share ideas or interests. 

And yeah, when you think about it, young people often come to mind when you think about communities. After all, they're out there exploring and experimenting.

But that doesn't mean community isn't also necessary for grown-ups.

We also tend to have this idea that communities are all about being Bohemian and unstructured, which is way too free-spirited for most of us... 


But here's the thing: communities don't have to be like that.


They can be as structured or unstructured as you want, and they can be built around any idea or interest.


It's really just about bringing people together who might not have connected otherwise.


A great way to find community as a digital nomad is to become a member of a coworking space. And of course, we are going to put Knackeriet at the top of the list!


Because when it comes to community, location and activities, we are really the best that Stockholm has to offer.

You can find other amazing coworking spaces with arty interiors, central location, and opportunities for work collaboration. See our top choices below.


Knackeriet is truly a community gem. A genuine place of friendliness, openness, and warmth, where work and fun come together. A place where people are always eager to get to know “the new kid”. 

At Knackeriet there is always something going on. Either organized by us, or by the members. We simply really like to do things together. 


Lectures & workshops, after-work drinks, trips, climbing group, running club, breakfast club, bathing club, lunch in the garden, sauna sessions, midday walks, theme parties, film nights, coffee in the sun.

As a member, you dive into all that activity together with people from all around the world, but more importantly, along with our Swedish members, who will share with you their local knowledge. 

There are many amazing places in all of Stockholm, and each of our islands has its own style and highlights. But there is something extra special about our historic location in the Old Town.



A young coworking space in the financial and commercial centre of Stockholm. If the professional vibe is your preference, and you like the feeling of being in the city centre, Lamb is the place to be.

With their relaxation rooms, infra-red saunas, phone booths and stylish interior, there are many nice perks in their memberships. They are unique in their approach and philosophy to encourage a more healthy and balanced way of working. 

They are still in the early stage of building a community feel and collaboration. But here you will find an incredibly sweet staff. Baking in the kitchen, tea-time, and some opportunities to meet and talk to other members.



You will not find a more beautiful, arty, and luxurious coworking space in Stockholm. Alma truly has the wow effect.

If you have money to spend, their Fixed tables and Private rooms are very nice. With their own in-house bar and restaurant. Delicious lunches!  

The Flex options are not great, and you might find that you do not speak to anyone except your own coworker and guests. Which is fine if you want to use this space mainly to impress potential clients and collaborators.

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