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Knackeriet Co-working Space Stockholm

where curious minds gather



community of
curious minds

We are Knackeriet. A coworking and social space for innovators, creators, and curious minds.

We gather together to work, collaborate, learn from each other, have fun and make new ideas happen.

Entrepreneurs on an adventure

If you are anything like us, you are ambitious and adventurous, have your own business, a side hustle or a passion project, and love to geek out about stuff. But you do not only want to do amazing things, you want to do them with amazing people. Come on, in!

let's gather together

Voyaging on a Knackeriet sailing boat, spending a week in Tynningö or indulging in oysters and wine.. what do you say?


This is the membership offer that will make you say "Life is as it should be. Work is productive. I am surrounded by inspiring people. We do great things together!"


it's time for work
that is easy

Whether you like constant change or prefer having your own dedicated space, we have options!


Choose from Flex desk, Fixed desk or your own Studio.

Knackeriet Coworking Space
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