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All members have 24/7 access to Knackeriet, and enjoy all benefits of being a House Member. 


4500 sek/month

If you value flexibility, this is the ideal option! Grab a desk or a sofa for the day, and move between floors 1 and 3.



6300 sek/month

A dedicated, private desk in one of our office spaces, on either floor 1 or 3. 



Starting at 15.000 sek/month

Private office space on floor 3 for you and your team. For 2 – 6 people.

*Prices listed are excl tax. Companies with VAT/based outside of EU are not submitted to Swedish tax.

Knackeriet Coworking Space

HOUSE membership perks

All are included in your membership fee.

Amenities & Services


- Open 24/7

- 5 Bookable meeting rooms

- Online community platform

- Coffee, fruit & snacks

- Mail Service

- Wifi, Printing, Projectors 

- Historic & beautiful garden

- Phone room

- In-house shower

- Office-dogs

Monthly events 

- Monday Fika (coffee & cake)

- Tuesday Running-Club

- Wednesday Breakfast-Club

- Thursday Swimming-Club

- Friday After Work Drinks

- Soup-Talk

- CreAW – creative session 

- Film nights 

Annual events

- Fat Tuesday

- Summer Mingle & Party 

- Crayfish Party 

- Cinnabun Day

- Christmas Mingle & Party

- Lucia (Saint Lucy's Day)


Want to join us?

Fill out a request form, and we'll take it from there!

Want to come by and see our space?  We offer tours a couple of times per month.

AUTUMN Office Remote

Every year in September, we bring the office outside the city.

We rent a large house, where our members can join daytime or over night.


We work efficiently, collect inspiration, sit by the fireplace, sauna, pick mushrooms, and cook together. 

a coworking space for digital nomads

Knackeriet is growing as an international coworking space. With a community buzzing with activity.

We love having travellers revolve through our doors, always eager to have newcomers dive right in!

We offer special short-term deals to internationals, making it possible to visit only for a month or two.

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